We Say Things Podcast with syndereN & SUNSfan

Hey guys, I just wanted to announce the schedule of the new podcast I'm doing with the great syndereN. We will be doing this every Tuesday for the foreseeable future (details below).

In case you're out of the loop, this will be a weekly show that will debut on twitch and then immediately uploaded to both Youtube and all available podcast apps. Links and schedule are listed below.

We plan to talk about whatever the hell we want. But typically this will revolve around current events in the esports scene as well as community submitted topics and questions. Episode 1 in video-format can be found here:


LIVE on twitch on Tuesdays @ 2AM PST (11 AM CEST)
Twitch Channel: (http://twitch.tv/sunsfantv)

Uploaded later in the day here:
Audio Podcast: (http://sunsfan.gg/podcast)
Youtube Channel: (http://youtube.com/dotacinema)

If there are any expected delays we will be sure to post on our twitter accounts. We hope you will be watching/listening in some form or another. We really appreciate the reception so far and hope you will continue to give us great topics and questions each week. The best place to do this would be on the Youtube videos or our twitter accounts. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you every Tuesday!