Relic Arena development underway

I'd like to announce the development of Relic Arena, a standalone version of our popular custom game in Dota 2. Jenkins and I recently ran a Kickstarter that was funded within 24 hours. Our Team is currently hard at work on it!

Easter Island

Relic Arena will be a free-to-play 8-player auto battler on PC and Mobile. In Relic Arena, you equip heroes with real-life historical relics. Each relic grants a hero a unique ability, with powerful branching upgrades.


You also pick a historical Leader that will provide a unique benefit to your lineup.


The current plan is to have a closed Alpha ready in March 2024, with a Beta towards the end of the year, and the eventual release in Q1 2025.

For more information, visit the Relic Arena Website and be sure to Wishlist on Steam.