Dota 2 Tooltips at TI 10

We were thrilled to work with Valve at TI 10, and we were even happier to see such positive reception for our extension. I thought it would be fun to make this post about what features we added for the historic tournament as well as talk about our future plans.

This is how many interactions we had during TI 10:

Unique Viewers: 16,620,379

Mouse Clicks: 198,207,810

Mouse Hovers: 883,350,375 (yes that's almost a billion)

Skill Videos

This allowed viewers to see how spells worked from a visual standpoint


This feature allowed viewers to cheer for their teams, which resulted in cheering sound effects being played on stream


This allowed viewers to look at the current items for each respective player from one panel

Full Item shop (including neutrals)

This allowed viewers to look up every item in Dota 2
Item Shop

Predictions (with Steam/Twitch account integration)

With Steam hook-up, this allowed players to predict certain things within the game itself. It also enabled item drops woot!

Side menu (including tournament standings, localization etc.)

The side menu as a whole gives us a lot of options going forward. Being able to see the bracket/schedule is a crucial part of any tournament. In addition, the localization allowed Russian and Chinese speaking viewers to experience the extension in its entirety. And lastly, the settings panel gives users the option to disable the extension reminder.
Side Menu

Mobile (Android & iOS)

This was added to our basic extension a while ago. We are still working on getting more advanced functionality added for the future.

In the coming weeks, we plan to integrate many of these features into the basic extension that you are all used to seeing on Dota streams.

What is our plan going forward?

We plan to keep our extension free to use for general streaming use. If you are a tournament organizer, please contact us for quotes on licensing for our separate tournament extension.

As a viewer, if you 'd like a streamer or tournament to use our extension, let them know!